Handcrafted earrings 

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  • Earrings with coral drops
    Earrings with coral drops

    18ct gold cap earrings with granules and blood coral drops.

    € 850,00
  • Gold earrings with flower cameos
    Gold earrings with flower cameos

    Earrings with large flower cameos in 24ct gold setting with silver backing and 18ct gold hooks. The flower cameos were carved in Italy by skilled cameo cutters. Also possible with deer cameos.

    € 650,00
  • Gold lace flower earrings
    Gold lace flower earrings

    Earrings with 18ct yellow gold lace flowers. Classic with a touch of Zeeland. These are in yellow gold, but I can also make them in rose gold or white gold.

    € 590,00
  • Earrings of gold lace flowers and pearls
    Earrings of gold lace flowers and pearls

    Earrings with 18ct gold lace flowers and dark freshwater pearls.

    € 650,00
  • Tourmaline earrings with diamonds
    Tourmaline earrings with diamonds

    A beautiful unique pair of earrings in 18ct yellow gold with leaves of pink tourmaline under Antwerp rose cut antique diamonds. Under the leaves are small diamonds dangling like dew drops.

    € 2.450,00
  • Swallow earrings
    Swallow earrings

    Wonderful large earrings with gold swallows, little rocks of rough tourmaline and beautiful rose cut green-black emeralds. Set and made in 14ct yellow gold. Unique, one-off kind design.

    € 2.250,00
  • Honey bees
    Honey bees

    Cute honey bees for the ears. Made in 14ct yellow gold. Would make a lovely gift, for example for bridesmaids.

    € 295,00
  • Twiggy earrings with diamond briolettes.
    Twiggy earrings with diamond briolettes.

    Beautifully elegant jewel earrings. Slender long earrings made from 14ct yellow gold twigs with studs from diamond. Under the twigs hang lively briolettes. A total of 1,92ct in diamonds.

    € 5.975,00
  • Twiggy earrings
    Twiggy earrings

    Original eye catchers are these slender earrings from 14ct gold twigs with diamond buttons. The diamonds weigh 0.28ct. The length of the earrings is 49mm.

    € 1.550,00
  • Twiggy earrings XL
    Twiggy earrings XL

    The Twiggy XL earrings are twigs in 14ct yellow gold with four diamonds totalling 0.56ct. These are super long earrings that are most suited to a tall person or someone with a long slender neck. They are striking in their…

    € 2.050,00
  • Antique cameos in red gold
    Antique cameos in red gold

    Beautiful large unique earrings with antique pearl cameos set in red gold (rose gold colour) The earrings are each slightly different. The cameos are antique and fairly high relief. Warm colours. They are pretty large pendants so…

    € 995,00
  • White gold feather earrings
    White gold feather earrings

    A unique pair of earrings in palladium white gold with cabochon-cut rubies, rough ruby slices and hand carved feathers of multi-coloured tourmaline. Very striking with a warm and powerful colour, they look most beautiful when worn…

    € 1.790,00
  • Gold lace earrings
    Gold lace earrings

    14ct gold lace earrings. Openwork gold lace. They sit beautifully on the ear. I can make them in either yellow gold, rose gold or white gold. One of my all time favourites!

    € 750,00
  • Hearts of gold
    Hearts of gold

    14ct yellow gold heart earrings. Timeless and cute.

    € 350,00
  • Swallow earrings with pearls
    Swallow earrings with pearls

    Earrings with swallows in 14ct yellow gold with fresh water pearls. Beautiful as bride jewellery.

    € 450,00
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