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  • ' Spring flower' necklace
    ' Spring flower' necklace

    A warm necklace of rhodochrosite with a gemstone pendant. The pendant is made in 14ct rose gold with a hand carved purple flower of spinel and multi-coloured tourmaline. The flower shaped padlock is vintage and gold. The stone is…

    € 750,00 € 590,00
  • Lace necklace with pearls
    Lace necklace with pearls

    A classic necklace with silver lace, grey freshwater pearls, amethyst and a hand made hammered clasp. All this combined with elegant figaro chains.

    € 350,00 € 200,00
  • Long necklace with embroidered deer
    Long necklace with embroidered deer

    Silver chain necklace with deer badge in a silver setting. This necklace can be worn in two ways, as a double sided piece or as a single piece - then it is a long necklace.

    € 390,00 € 250,00
  • Necklace with horse and onyx
    Necklace with horse and onyx

    Necklace with blackened silver and onyx. Very tough. One of my favourites.

    € 290,00 € 175,00
  • Baroque necklace with keshi pearls
    Baroque necklace with keshi pearls

    Large necklace with keshi pearls and a pendant from a hand painted porcelain limoge above a faceted moonstone drop.

    € 950,00 € 690,00
  • Ring with crown cameo
    Ring with crown cameo

    Silver tapered ring with a hand carved crown cameo shell set in 18ct fairtrade and fair mined gold. The cameo can be cut to your own design in a limited edition of 10 pieces.

    € 650,00 € 450,00
  • Wide leaves ring
    Wide leaves ring

    Wide silver ring with leaves in a tough style.

    € 190,00 € 100,00
  • Large ring with horse cameo
    Large ring with horse cameo

    Heraldic silver ring with a cameo of a rearing horse.

    € 350,00 € 200,00
  • Heimat ring
    Heimat ring

    Heimat-ring with an enamel shield of the city Schwelm. The shield is set in silver. It is one of a kind in size 17,5 mm. This ring cannot be reduced or enlarged in size.

    € 210,00 € 75,00
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